The HEARTS Process

For pain management and relaxation

With Internationally renowned teacher: Jonathan Benavides (The Netherlands)


Learning HEARTS is a wonderful opportunity for aromatherapists and other health care professionals and medical personnel to learn how to work with clients who are in pain as you will learn a multi-sensory approach to the treatment of pain.


Besides physical pain, you will  also learn in this 3-day course how to use this extremely useful therapeutic relaxation  approach to unwind, calm and refocus someone dragged in emotional pain, anxiety or  distress. 

What is the HEARTS Process? 

H.E.A.R.T.S. is an acronym that stands for Hands-on, Empathy, Aroma, Relax, Texture and  Sound and it is therapeutically offered as the HEARTS Process drawing on a range of natural  skills and different sensorial experiences with the aim to be used in all kinds of clinical settings  and in private practices and home care as well. 

H.E.A.R.T.S. was created and developed by Ann Carter and was primarily designed to be used  where conventional massage techniques were inappropriate or difficult to perform. 

Within the aroma component of the process, two extra interventions using essential oils on  aroma sticks and patches were researched and developed by Jonathan Benavides to be used  during a HEARTS session in order to try to help the patient switch their attention from pain to  comfort. 

“Train to the Light” (aroma and sound) and “Remembering and Honouring you” (aroma and  texture) are these two methods that are used for pain management in all kinds of settings  within cancer and palliative care.



Process for pain management and relaxation with Jonathan Benavides


Course Content Includes:


Theoretical approach 

  • Pain concepts, management and relief 
  • Identify scores in pain scales 
  • Help the client to look realistically to their pain score 
  • The H.E.A.R.T.S. rationale 
  • Different touch techniques 
  • Empathy vs sympathy 
  • Essential Oils and different sensorial experiences 
  • How to choose essential oils 
  • Jonathan Benavides’s interventions, theory and case studies 
  • Designing a personalized aromatic intervention
  • Case studies 


Methods used: 

  • Touch techniques 
  • Aromatherapy components 
  • Working with aroma and sound 
  • Working with aroma and texture 


Protocols and current safety requirements for: 

  • Different ages and applications at home and private practice 
  • Hospital and hospices applications 
  • Safety, precautions and contraindications 


Practical demonstrations: 

The class has an important practical element to it as participants will be practicing in class  how to do the HEARTS Process.

Who is this course for?



This course is for any health care professional, aromatherapists, medical personnel, health care student or anyone interested in learning to apply the HEARTS Process technique for pain management and relaxation within a health care environment, hospital, hospice, home care or private practice.


  • Aromatherapists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Social Workers
  • Psychologists
  • Mental Health Workers
  • and Individuals 


Meet Your Instructor: Jonathan Benavides


Before becoming a clinical aromatherapist Jonathan studied psychology and specialised in autism and communication disorders where, working at the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Child Psychology (Leiden University, The Netherlands) in vertical groups with an emphasis on short diagnosis and treatment of autistic children and children with developmental problems between 5-18 years of age, he got first in touch with aromatherapy while developing multisensorial therapies for autistic children.

He has participated in several seminars, conferences and congresses in aromatherapy, complementary therapies, psychology and music therapy and Jonathan has always been involved in training, research and developing different therapeutic approaches for complimentary and Integrative care.

Jonathan is also:

Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Master,
HEARTS (UK) Teacher (trained and certified by Ann Carter),

Trainer and Lecturer.

Since 2009 he has been working within the Palliative Home Care system in the Netherlands with the very sick and the dying. During this time, he has developed, used, trained and lectured different therapeutic interventions (conventional and non-conventional) such as:

“Into the tunnel” for autistic children (1987)“Bio-gymnastics, integrating the emotions in your body (1989)

“Ahava, the Reiki of Love”, a new Reiki approach (2001)

“Anointing, a spiritual seance”, an energetic chakra harmonisation (2008)

“Into the Light”, psychological approach for the sick and dying (2011)

“Integrative Reiki, Reiki Usui together with essential oils, electromagnetic frequencies and roses energy” (2013)

“Reinforcing your T-cells”, a holistic immunological approach” (2015)

“Let be free again”, a trauma release aromatic approach (2017)

“Train to the Light” aroma and sound for HEARTS (UK) (2018)

“Remembering and Honouring you”, aroma and texture for HEARTS (UK) (2018)

“Adjusting, a multisensory self-compassionate approach for cancer related distress” (2019)

“De-Compression: the art of letting go” (2020)