18th to 26 th August 2023


Breakfast will be served in the hotel between 7.30 and 8.45 a.m.

Lunch and dinner will be served in a local restaurant or in the hotel.

Friday, 18th August -  Day 1


Arrival in Ponta Delgada, Azores.

As participants will be arriving in different flights, there will be no special transfer from airport to hotel, thus, self transfer.

Accommodation in Hotel.

Afternoon we will start with the presentation of the programe.

After our presentation of the Retreat Program, Pedro will take us on a short walk to the city center to the Antonio Borges Garden to have a first encounter with aromas, tales and plants from the Azores.

Dinner in Restaurant.

Saturday, 19th August - Day 2


On the morning we will go to Vista do Rei and the Sete Cidades Blue and Green Lagoon. From there we will do an aromatic and scenic walking trail until Lomba de Vasco.

After lunch we will visit the Canário Lagoon and the Belvedere Grota do Inferno wherein we hope to be able to see a magnificent view (we cross our fingers for a clear sky).

On the way back from the Belvedere, a concise forest aromatic ritual for the tree lovers.

Dinner at Restaurant.



Sunday, 20th  August - Day 3


In the morning the Fogo Lagoon will be waiting for us.

There we will do a botanical talk with biologist Tiago Menezes.

A first aromatic and mindfulness meditation with Jonathan will take place on the lagoon.

We will enjoy a picnic in the Caldeira de Ribeira Grande.


In the afternoon, Tiago will take us to the Caldeira Velha´s Park and its hot springs. Don’t forget to take your swimsuit. Dinner at Restaurant


Monday, 21st August 2023 - Day 4


In this day you will have the free morning to go shopping, relax in the pool, or walk in the city.

The lunch will be in the Marina area.

After lunch we go for a dolphins and whales watching cruise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Always a beautiful way to visit this island and to relax with dolphins and whales.


Tuesday, 22nd August - Day 5


An educational morning at the only local Essential Oils Distillery on the island.

You will hear everything about Hedychium gardnerianum, chemistry and natural preparations by Prof. Dr. Jorge Medeiros and its fiber applications by Dr Telmo Eleutério, both from the Azores University.

The local maître distillateur will tell you about the distillation process of some Azores essential oils.


Discover the Astaxantina from Azores, a micro algae consider to be the best antioxidant nowadays in the world.


We will have lunch at Lagoa, and in the afternoon, will go for a private visit to the Marques’ Family Pineaple´s own private plantations.

Before returning to the hotel, we will visit a beach on Lagoa where Pedro will realize an evening ritual.


Wednesday, 23rd of August- Day 6


 A whole day at the Terra Nostra Park, Carina Costa, agricultural engineer will give a lecture on the camellias and other flora in the park. Free time to further discover the park, gardens and pools.

Don’t forget to take your swim suit to indulge yourself taking a bath in the hot’s iron water pool.

This day we will eat the famous Furnas stew “Cozido” (regular or vegetarian).


Thursday, 24th August - Day 7


Sacred oils, a workshop with Jonathan.

Lunch at “Cais do Peixe” a fantastic fish soup


Visit the unique and oldest tea factory and tea fields


Friday, 25th August - Day 8


The Nordest is a place full of forests, birds and beautiful viewpoints.

We will start the day in the Interpretative Center of the Forest and we will do a picnic barbecue there.


After lunch we will visit some viewpoints like " Ponta do Sossego" (End of Peace Viewpont)


To finish our visit in the lands of Nordeste we go with Jonathan do a Guide Meditation in the middle of the endemic forest of Azores.




Saturday, 26th of August- Day 8



Returning home



1- The program can change due to weather conditions, and days can be, thus exchanged.