Pedro Vale

Went to study Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (Universidade de Lisboa) in 1997 because he wanted to know how the world works beyond our eyes, further than just atoms and molecules.


After finishing his studies, he specialized in Food Safety and Health Management at the Egas Moniz University Institute (Instituto Universitario Egas Moniz) as he wanted to explore and research what is what we eat and which might be the dangers associated to it. Pedro has worked for several years in Consulting Companies and in a Food Safety Laboratory.


At the same time, Pedro, and being not only interested in the internal body and the digestive system as such but also in the body as a whole, studied Massage at CEFAD and became, in 2013, a Certified Shiatsu Practitioner at the Portuguese Shiatsu School (Escola Portuguesa de Shiatsu), a school, inserted in the Lisbon Macrobiotic Institute (Instituto Macrobiótico de Lisboa), an institution associated with the International Shiatsu School, in Kiental, Switzerland.


Pedro acquired in this manner the holistic view he was looking for, and since then, he has been working not only with the body's well-being, but integrating the energy of the body and soul as well. For him, essential oils have emerged in his path in recent years, and he sees aromatherapy as the perfect synergy between chemistry and massage.


In our “Rejuvenating in the Azores Retreat”, Pedro will  give two interesting talks on “The history and pharmacological properties of the Hedychium gardnerianum plant and also about the Laurus azorica novocanariensis tree and both essential oils".


Pedro will offer also private Shiatsu sessions.