Rejuvenating with Aromatherapy

by Jonathan Benavides



When thinking on rejuvenation and aromatherapy most people think on cosmetic products for an aging skin or in clinical blends that might be useful in conditions such as cancer, osteoporosis, dementia, menopause and others.


When I think on rejuvenating with aromatherapy I think on releasing old and recent inner scars that make us feel and behave as much older than our real age. I believe that when you are able to effectively release those distressful feelings and emotions allocated in your pain body, you get the possibility to rejuvenate yourself, your spirit and your mind ... and create an aromatic blend that will be known to you as the new you.


The objective of this workshop is to get aware first and recognize through varied sensory exercises old and recent scars on different body levels as such rest in our physical, emotional, ethereal, mental and spiritual bodies.


Secondly, learn to use etherical aromatic oils to help release unwanted feelings. This might result in a profound inner cleansing.


In the end, we will learn to make a personal etherical blend to re-fill the emptied space that resulted from the emotional release, with the longings and desires for your new you. You will have a blend to take home in order to revitalize yourself further after the retreat.  


This workshop will be conducted by Jonathan Benavides