Re-Focusing: Working with Essential Oils in ADD/ADHD

With Internationally renowned teacher: Jonathan Benavides (The Netherlands)


About ADD / ADHD and Aromatics Course

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is a subtype of ADHD wherein there is no hyperactivity. Outdated term, but in my opinion, not for aromatherapy purposes. ADD used to refer to someone who had trouble focusing but was not hyperactive (since 2013 it is not been officially diagnosed, but it falls into the category A1: inattentive). Sixty five percentage of ADHD children remain with the disorder throughout their whole life. In adulthood we see a range of 78% of ADD and 22% of ADHD (within the 65%).

ADHD is a condition that affects people’s behavior. And it is the most common neurobehavioral disorder in children (5 to 9% of school children). For 65% of them, it will persist through adulthood. Symptoms tend to be noticed at an early age and may become more noticeable when a child's circumstances change, such as when they start school. Most cases are diagnosed when children are 6 to 12 years old.

It manifests itself in inattention, often accompanied by hyperactivity and impulsivity: the child has difficulty concentrating, needs to have something constantly in his hands, intervenes inappropriately. However, they are creative, imaginative, rich and sensitive. Essential oils cannot cure attentional deficit but can support the daily life of the sufferer and their families and peers.

Aromatherapy can be used in a very personalized way and that can have very good results in ADHD sufferers. Also, next to a healthy lifestyle they can benefit from a relaxed and rebalanced nervous system to restore calm, concentration and their capacity for reflection. Different interventions have been developed to help children and adults with autism, and this re-connecting technique, using aromatherapy, is one of them.


Theoretical Approach

Course content:

In this 2-full day course we will see:

    • What is ADD / ADHD (attentional deficit without and with hyperactivity)
    • Causes and symptoms
    • DSM V Diagnosis criteria
    • Types of ADHD
    • Essential oils
    • Olfactory training
    • Routes of administration
    • Supporting the family
    • Living with ADHD
    • ADHD and aromatherapy
    • Learning Processes
    • Re-focusing in different levels
    • Aromatic interventions for boys
    • Aromatic interventions for girls
    • Aromatic interventions for ADHD adults


Methods used


  • Aromatherapy components
  • Multi sensorial approaches


Protocols and current safety requirements for:

  • Different ages and applications at home and private practice
  • Safety, precautions and contraindications


Practical demonstrations include:

  • Re-focusing techniques
  • Touching and massage


Who is this course for?



This course is for any health care professional, aromatherapists, medical personnel, health care student, parent, carer or anyone interested in learning to help cope with ADD/ADHD using aromatherapy within a health care environment, home care or private practice.

  • Aromatherapists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Social Workers
  • Psychologists
  • Mental Health Workers
  • and Individuals