Lilia: ultra-nebulisation diffuser


Thanks to its ultra-nebulising technology, Lilia is the first nomadic diffuser on the market that disperses essential oils in the atmosphere in extremely fine mi- cro droplets. Thus, the essential oil molecules remain suspended in the air for hours to release their natural benefits over a long period.

Lilia is able to diffuse your essential oils directly from their bottle, without removing the dropper.

Lilia is a go-anywhere essential oil diffuser with a rechargeable battery. Lilia diffuses directly from a bottle of essential oils, without adding water and without removing the dropper.

Its new, exclusive technology using ultra-nebulisation is the best solution on the market for enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy.

It comes with its own charging base and connects via its USB cable to its charger (supplied).


€ 59,95


Mistilia: ultrasonic pocket diffuser


Mistilia is a portable ultrasonic diffuser of essential oils and floral waters (hydrosols).

Thanks to its rechargeable battery operation, the Mistilia is ideal for cars, offices or holidays.

Mistilia diffuses floral waters in a fine mist which moisturises your skin while facilitating the action of their active properties to relieve sunburn or the burning sensation from shaving, to remove make-up, etc.

Mistilia comes with its own USB connector.


€ 38,90


Keylia: USB ultrasonic diffuser


Take your essential oil diffuser everywhere with you!

The Keylia USB essential oil misting diffuser can be used on any USB port in your office, home or car.


€ 27,90