24th of February to 4th of March

Breakfast will be served in the hotel between 7.30 and 8.45 a.m.

Lunch and dinner will be served in a local restaurant or in the hotel.


24th of February - Day 1


Arrival in Ponta Delgada, Azores.


As participants will be arriving in different flights, there will be no special transfer from airport to hotel, thus, self transfer.


Accommodation in Ponta Delgada Hotel.


In this first evening, we will have a Welcoming Drink to do the presentation of the program and we will walk in the city.


25th of February - Day 2


After breakfast, we will  enjoy a full day doing a Botanical Tour with Tiago, a local biologist that will take us into Lagoa do Fogo, and Caldeira Velha. 



26th of February - Day 3


We will do an easy walking trail between Vista do Rei Belvedere and Lomba Belvedere.


The lunch will be a picnic, near the lagoons.


Afternoon we go to Canario Lagoon and Belvedere Grota do Inferno.


To finnished the day we will do a Forest Aromatic Ritual.


27th of February - Day 4


Visit the only local Essential Oils Distillery on the island.

Talks and lecture about some Azores essential oils, with Professor Doutor Jorge Medeiros, about Hedychium gardnerianum; and Dr Telmo Eleutério, about the use of the fibers of the same plant.


Discover Astaxantina from Azores, a micro algae consider to be the best antioxidant nowadays in the world.

Private guided visit to Marques Family Pineaple´s plantations.

Sea evening ritual with Pedro.




 28th of February - Day 5


Visit the Gorreana Tea factory

Aromatic walk through the tea fields.


For lunch we will go to the Furnas Lagoon, 


Afternoon we will go to do check in in Terra Nostra Garden Hotel and visit his  famous Botanical Park Terra Nostra, in Furnas, with its magnificent collection of more than 800 camellia species, on situ, a lecture will be given by a local guide, eng Carina Costa, a engineer specializes in camellias. 


For dinner, you will have the possibility to enjoy  the famous Furnas stew “Cozido” (regular or vegetarian).


After dinner you will have free time to explore the park on your own and take a bath in the hot ferruginous waters pool.


1st of March - Day 6


Free morning in Terra Nostra Garden. 


Afternoon we will do a workshop with eng Carina Costa, with a duration of 4 hours, these 2 workshops have a theoretical moment at the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel and a practical moment at Parque Terra Nostra. Topics related to the history of camellia, different uses of the plant, its cultivation in gardens, some of the most common phytosanitary problems and the most used forms of propagation will be addressed.


In the end of the day, you can go to the warm iron pool, relax in the garden or in the hotel.



2nd of March - Day 7


Last morning in Terra Nostra Park

Lunch in Nordeste.

With an aromatic walking trail, you will discover the ancient endemic laurisilva forest, and a cryptomeria woodland 

Enjoy several belvederes.

Dinner on the way or at the hotel.



3rd of March - Day 8


Visit the Graça Market in Ponta Delgada.

Visit a  Carvão  vulcanic cave


Dolphins and whales watching

Farewell aromatic ritual.




1-  As we are ending the retreat in the evening, this night accommodation is included in the retreat.

2 - The structure of the Programe might be modified if necessary.