Connect with Life through the 4 elements: HUMAN = NATURE

by Ana Carina and Marina


The ancestral human communities had a daily contact with Nature and thus their rhythms echoed the rhythms of the Sun and the Cosmos. Thus, the processes of being born, growing, living and aging were seen as natural and each life-phase was lived in a wise and balanced way for the individual as well as for the whole human group. It is paramount to rescue this deep contact with Nature outside and, above all, Nature inside, to reconnect with the internal rhythms of Life and to stimulate processes of revitalization and homeostasis both on an organic and on an existential level.


Objectives Reinforce the participants’ commitment to Life. Activate natural and organic rhythms of health and homeostasis. 
Encourage the joy of Life based on harmonious Coexistence. Release physical tensions, reduce stress, harmonize emotions and stimulate motivation.

Methodology In a Nature-setting, to optimize a physical/sensorial experience of the Elements and activate Life’s Potentials, we are going to evoke a joyful, deep, meditative and internal experience of the Elements through specific music, integrated movements and harmonious human interactions


This workshop will be conducted by Ana Carina and Marina